HACCP in Spanish

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is an international food safety standard that was developed in the US. The concept requires that companies that handle food conduct hazard analysis of the process steps and raw materials to determine the need for Critical Control Points (CCPs).

Critical Control Points are processes that prevent, eliminate, or reduce significant food safety hazards to an acceptable level. Those include but are not limited to the process of cooking, pasteurization, metal detection, product formulation to regulate pH and others.

HACCP based food safety concepts could be used at all stages of the food supply chain (from farm to table). A lot of regulatory requirements currently in place in the US cover a variety of food operation on different stages of food handling, processing, and distribution.

HACCP food safety systems and identification of Critical Control Points come with the management components. These include tasks related to CCPs such as monitoring, corrective actions, verification, validation, and record keeping. All those activities within the HACCP system are important to the overall success of the program. Personnel responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the HACCP system must be properly trained.

If we look at the demographics related to food safety professionals, a large group are employees with Spanish as their primary language. The roles and responsibilities assigned to those employees are crucial to consumer safety therefore food companies must ensure the effectiveness of training provided to them.

One way to increase training effectiveness is to provide training in the primary language of the trainee. HACCP certificate courses are loaded with technical language and acronyms specific to the subject. HACCP course in Spanish is a great way to ensure that your food safety professionals fully understand the concept and are capable to adopt the knowledge from HACCP course in the production environment they oversee.

Spanish HACCP Course offered by BD Food Safety Consultants LLC is an International HACCP Alliance Accredited Course that is recognized by regulatory agencies such as FDA, USDA, State, and local Health Departments and during all 3rd party audits including GFSI certifications such as SQF and BRC. The course covers all elements of the HACCP based food safety system including GMPs, Pre-requisite Programs and 7 HACCP principles. The course is taught by experienced and accredited HACCP Instructors with over 35 years of combined experience in a variety of USDA and FDA inspected food sector categories. Contact us today at [email protected] or visit our website at www.bdfoodsafety.com/haccp-training for more details and to register.