HACCP Certification

What is HACCP Certification Training?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards. HACCP training educates participants about this systematic approach to hazards that can compromise food safety and teaches them how to reduce these risks to a safe level. Establishing an HACCP system is critical to your compliance with national and international legislation.

Meet Your HACCP Instructors

Bart Dobek

Bart Dobek

Lead Instructor

Visit Bart’s LinkedIn profile web page to learn more about his experience and background

Lauren Daley

Lauren Daley

Lead Instructor

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Carmen Ciocan

Carmen Ciocan

Lead Instructor

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Learn More About Online Live Course Criteria
  1. Course Access
    You will receive a web page link to Zoom, GoToTraining or GoToMeeting. Please follow the instructions to access the course.
  2. Visual contact during the course
    It is required that Course Instructors maintain visual contact with participants at all times throughout the course. The system allows for webcam sharing and this function will be activated at the start of the class. Please assure your webcam is properly working before the class. You can test your webcam by clicking on the link below:
  3. Audio connectivity
    It is required that participants share their work results and respond to questions during the class. Please test your audio functions by using the link below:
    We Strongly recommend using a headset to minimize background noise.
  4. Participation
    FSPCA’s, IHA’s and BD’s attendance Policy is very strict. It is required that course participants attend the full length of the course. Participants arriving late, leaving early or being in and out throughout the course will not receive their certificates.
  5. Successful completion of the course and work evaluation
    There will be no pre and post assessment for most of the courses except HACCP. Successful completion of the course is determined based on the attendance – see 4) Participation – and completing Group Exercises. Additionally, the HACCP Course requires written quiz at the end of the course with 75% passing score. Participants will complete work exercises and share their work results during the class.
  6. Training Materials and Certificates                                                              Training materials for the Online Live Courses are provided in electronic version only. If you wish to obtain a hard copy of the materials for FSPCA Courses, please visit https://bookstorefspca.ifpti.org . For all other courses please contact us directly at training@bdfoodsafety.com . Certificates will be emailed or mailed to participants after successful completion of the course
COVID Precautions & Classroom Safe learning

COVID – 19 Precautions

  1. If you experience any symptoms of an illness, please do not come to the class and contact us to reschedule.
  2. Classroom has been arranged to provide an adequate space between attendees. We reduced the number of participants per class.
  3. Classroom furniture and equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each day of the course.
  4. Face coverings are required while in the classroom. Hand sanitizers and face masks will be available at the class. Instructors wear face masks while in the classroom. The podium is separated from the rest of the class with a Plexiglas shield to allow Instructors to give a clear speech without a mask.

Covid 19 Precautions BD Food Safety Entrance Podium PPE Sanitizer Station

Dates & Registration

Dates  Location  Price  Registration
March 15 & 16, 2021 ONLINE LIVE COURSE
$499   Register 
April 12 & 13, 2021 BD Learning Center, Marietta, Georgia 
$499  Register 
May 17 & 18, 2021 BD Learning Center, Naperville, Illinois $499  Register 
June 14 & 15, 2021 ONLINE LIVE COURSE  $499  Register 
Save on HACCP & PCQI Course Bundle$100 Minimum savings $1098  Register 

Training Locations

Chicagoland – 600 W 5th Ave, Suite B, Naperville, IL 60563

Metropolitan Atlanta –2470 Windy Hill Rd SE, Suite 441, Marietta, GA 30067

Online Live Courses via Zoom or GoToMeeting / GoToTraining. Online Class Times are in CST.  

Pricing & Course Details

Price per person: $499, (5% off for 3 or more participants, 10% off for 5 or more participants) – Price includes training IHA certification fees. Hard copies of training materials are provided to participants at no cost in classroom courses only. 

16 hour course, Course Times: Days 1 & 2, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

On – site Training at Client location is available for groups of 7 plus participants

 What Does HACCP Training Include?

The HACCP system meets the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius Commission established by the FAO and WHO to set codes of practice and internationally recognized standards pertaining to food, food production and food safety. The commission’s main goals are to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade. HACCP also can be used to fulfill governmental requirements (FDA/USDA) and to support the requirements of Global Food Safety Initiative standards such as SQF, BRC, IFS or FSCC 22000.

Among the topics covered by our accredited HACCP certification classes in Chicago and Atlanta are:

  • Conducting hazard analyses
  • Identifying and establishing critical control points and limits in food production
  • Determining corrective actions
  • Monitoring procedures for CCP during production
  • Good manufacturing practice regulation overview as per 21 CFR 117 (B)

Who Should Attend HACCP Certification Training?

Individuals responsible for controlling or overseeing safety in food production should attend our HACCP certification training in Chicago and Atlanta, but any employee who works with food can benefit from becoming certified. Some employees with an eye on food-service careers choose to get their HACCP certification to gain additional job opportunities. Some business owners prefer to have key individuals in the workplace obtain HACCP certification training as well.

Where Are Classes Located?

We provide training courses at various times of the year — either at your location for groups of seven or more, or at our training center in Naperville, Illinois or Atlanta, Georgia.

Check out the dates above to find the class offering that works with your schedule and register through the link provided.

Why Undergo On-Site HACCP Training in Chicago and Atlanta Through BD Food Safety Consultants LLC?

Our HACCP course in Chicago and Atlanta is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance and meets all HACCP requirements. Our 16-hour course takes place over two days and costs $499 per person. We assisted our clients in regulatory inspections and know FDA and USDA expectations for regulatory compliance. In addition, all of our instructors have work experience from food and packaging manufacturing facilities that allows them to explain course content using operational examples.This price includes both training materials and certification fees. A discount of 5% is offered for groups of three or more participants, while groups of five or more will receive a 10% discount. If you are interested in HACCP training in Chicago, Atlanta or anywhere in US, reach out to us for further information.