Internal Auditor Certification Course  

An internal audit is crucial in assuring your food safety and quality management system is working properly. Global Food Safety Initiative-recognized certification schemes such as SQF, BRC, IFS or FSSC 22000 require that internal audits are conducted at a minimum annually. An ineffective internal audit may have severe consequences for your business.

Therefore, it is important that employees are adequately trained in how to properly audit your systems. GFSI certification may not be the only reason why your organization should conduct an internal audit. Regulations such as FSMA may also trigger internal audits as part of the verification activities.

Meet your Internal Auditor Course Instructors

Bart Dobek

Bart Dobek

Lead Instructor

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Lauren Daley

Lauren Daley

Lead Instructor

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Carmen Ciocan

Carmen Ciocan

Lead Instructor

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Learn More About Online Live Course Criteria
  1. Course Access
    You will receive a web page link to Zoom, GoToTraining or GoToMeeting. Please follow the instructions to access the course.
  2. Visual contact during the course
    It is required that Course Instructors maintain visual contact with participants at all times throughout the course. The system allows for webcam sharing and this function will be activated at the start of the class. Please assure your webcam is properly working before the class. You can test your webcam by clicking on the link below:
  3. Audio connectivity
    It is required that participants share their work results and respond to questions during the class. Please test your audio functions by using the link below:
    We Strongly recommend using a headset to minimize background noise.
  4. Participation
    FSPCA’s, IHA’s and BD’s attendance Policy is very strict. It is required that course participants attend the full length of the course. Participants arriving late, leaving early or being in and out throughout the course will not receive their certificates.
  5. Successful completion of the course and work evaluation
    There will be no pre and post assessment for most of the courses except HACCP. Successful completion of the course is determined based on the attendance – see 4) Participation – and completing Group Exercises. Additionally, the HACCP Course requires written quiz at the end of the course with 75% passing score. Participants will complete work exercises and share their work results during the class.
  6. Training Materials and Certificates                                                              Training materials for the Online Live Courses are provided in electronic version only. If you wish to obtain a hard copy of the materials for FSPCA Courses, please visit . For all other courses please contact us directly at . Certificates will be emailed or mailed to participants after successful completion of the course

Dates & Registration

Dates  Location Price  Registration 
May 4, 2021 ONLINE LIVE COURSE $299 Register 
July 15, 2021 ONLINE LIVE COURSE $299 Register
September 16, 2021  ONLINE LIVE COURSE  $299  Register 

Training Location

This is an Online Live training course. We use Zoom or GoToTraining software for our online courses. All you need is a web browser — there are no special software requirements for participants. Online Class Times are in CST. 

Pricing and Course Details

Price per person: $299 (5% off for three or more participants, 10 % off for five or more participants). Price includes certification fees.

8-hour course: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

On-site food safety internal audit training at client location is available for groups of seven-plus participants. With on-site courses we offer an optional half-day internal audit exercise in your facility on selected parts of your food safety system.


Comprehensive Food Safety Internal Auditor Training

The food safety internal auditor training by BD Food Safety Consultants LLC includes all the necessary fundamentals regarding internal auditing principles, establishing an internal audit program that is effective, and food-quality criteria associated with internal safety auditing. Content of this course is based on ISO 19011-2011 for Auditing of Quality Management Systems. 

Some components that will be covered include:

  • The requirements of a well-established internal audit program
  • How to properly prepare for an internal food safety audit
  • How to analyze the data that is harvested during an audit
  • Implementing corrective actions after audit analysis
  • Creating effective audit reports to meet GFSI standards
  • Following correct actions for supplier auditing processes

Who Should Attend These Training Courses?

In general, any member of your workforce who oversees food safety and food safety protocol should have internal audit training. However, it is not uncommon for team leaders, quality control specialists and associates, and product managers and consultants to take this food safety internal auditor training and get certified so they also have the necessary knowledge to oversee audits when they must be implemented.

Internal Audit Training at Your Business Location

We offer both SQF and BRC internal audit training on-site at your organization, which includes an eight-hour class with an optional four-hour internal audit at your premises.

For on-site training courses, please contact us directly at or review the below registration dates for upcoming online courses. We offer internal auditor training online courses via GoToTraining software, which is general internal auditor training that meets the requirements of BRC and SQF for training of internal auditors.

Why Undergo Training Through BD Food Safety Consultants LLC?

Training offered by BD Food Safety Consultants LLC is based on ISO 19011–2011 guidelines and meets the requirements set forth by GFSI. Therefore, you can assure your employees are fully ready for an SQF audit and hold the knowledge necessary to follow the proper protocols.

We also keep the pricing for BRC training and SQF internal audit training as affordable as possible. We charge $299 per person with 5% off for three or more participants and 10% off for five or more participants. Contact us today for more information.