FSPCA PCQI TrainingHere at BD Food Safety Consultants, LLC, we have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals who provide assistance to clients across the country with how to properly implement needed food safety measures. Our scope of work includes assisting clients with complex audit preparations and helping them develop food safety plans to training the business workforce and management staff.

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What does FSPCA PCQI Training Consist of?

Let’s start with the FSPCA or Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance. This is a broad-based public and private alliance with the goal to support and promote safe food production by utilizing a core curriculum, training, and outreach programs. All of our FSPCA PCQI Training programs are registered with the FSPCA. The FSPCA works to help companies gain and maintain compliance with the FDA’s FSMA.

FSPCA PCQI Training is a required course for all individuals that manage the food safety systems and methods at their business or place of employment. Taking this training course is the best way to prepare yourself for compliance with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act). Having the proper training will, of course, keep you in compliance with the FDA, but it will also teach you valuable and important lessons regarding properly maintaining food.

At BD Food Safety, we hold PCQI training at BD Training Centre in Naperville. Take a look at our PCQI page to get more information on the dates of future training courses so you can get certified and implement proper food safety and preparation methods at your place of business.

FSPCA PCQI Training with BD Food Safety

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