FSPCA’s IAVA Training Course – Food Defense Qualified Individual

At BD Food Safety Consultants LLC, our team possesses over four decades of combined experience educating and assisting clients and businesses on proper food safety management systems. Our scope of work with clients greatly ranges. We provide assistance to those needing assistance with FSMA compliance through consulting services and training courses.

IAVA (Intentional Adulteration Vulnerability Assessment) training courses should be taken by anyone who is responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of Risk Based Food Defense Plans. The newest part of Food Safety Modernization Act – Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration Rule (21 CFR 121) – requires that food companies have Food Defense Qualified Individuals (FDQI) available to them. IAVA course teaches Vulnerability Assessment (VA)- the most important element of a Risk Based Food Defense Plan. VA is a starting point for your Food Defense Plan that will help you identify significant vulnerabilities that may require Actionable Process Steps (APSs) along with management component such as mitigation strategies, monitoring, corrective actions, verification and records. This course (among others) is the best way to become Food Defense Qualified Individual as required by the regulation.

During this course participants will learn about 3 elements required to be considered during VA:

1 – Scale of public health impact,

2 – The Degree of physical access to the product and

3 – The ability of an attacker to successfully contaminate the product

This course explains KAT Method (Key Activity Type) that might be used in lieu of traditional approach and three elements.

This is 1 Day FSPCA curriculum recognized by FDA as adequate to become Food Defense Qualified Individual for the purpose of vulnerability assessment.

After the course our team of consultants can assist your company in development and implementation of Risk Based Food Defense Plans. Please note that this requirement is different from traditional approach to Food Defense we know from 3rd party audits. This requirement focuses on vulnerabilities associated with process steps rather than physical security of the facility. Under this concept facilities must consider potential for “internal attacker” – someone who has legit access to your facility and is somehow familiar with facility’s process.

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What to Expect in your IAVA Training Courses

IAVA (Intentional Adulteration Vulnerability Assessment) Training course is a 1 day (6.5 hours) FSPCA’s curriculum recognized by FDA. Participants will learn on how to conduct Vulnerability Assessment to identify Actionable Process Steps. This is the only Instructor Lead course in series of courses needed to become Food Defense Qualified Individual. 

FSPCA’s IAVA Training Courses

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