What Is BD’s Learning Management System?


BD Food Safety Consultants LLC partnered with ePath Learning to develop Basic Food Safety training for food industry. We’ve created a Learning Management System (LMS) with food safety program as an alternative to “pen and paper” training. The objective of online food safety employee training is to deliver interactive food safety courses that meet the requirements for workforce training as outlined in FSMA, HACCP and GFSI and to provide companies with “audit ready” digital training records.

What Does LMS Food Safety Training Include? Is Training Content Compliant With Current Legislation?

The content of the courses was developed using several teaching theories when identifying instructional approach. The goal is to motivate employees and measurably increase their knowledge in areas pertaining to food safety, such as FSMA and HACCP overview, Food Defense, Allergen Management, GMPs and others. Each training course lasts approximately 10 minutes and has a built-in verification quiz. Content of training modules is in compliance with requirements for employee food safety / food hygiene training as outlined in Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation, HACCP regulation and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements. Watch the below video to learn more:

What Are The Advantages Of Online Food Safety Training For Employees?

Having access to innovative training tools is important to assure all employees are properly trained to avoid food safety hazards. By utilizing our LMS, food companies will significantly improve the effectiveness of employee training and will be provided with convenient reporting and training rosters. Hand written training records could be easily misplaced and this may become an issue during an audit. With our system your company will have access to “audit ready” electronic training records. Employees will be trained at their convenience simply by using an electronic device, such as a tablet or computer. Our system allows for individual training and group sessions for larger businesses. Content of the courses is available in English and Spanish. An example of employee training record is included below:



To maximize the effectiveness of your training, and assure all employees understand the content, pre-loaded training modules are available in English and Spanish

Does The System Allow For Group Training Sessions?

Yes. Our system allows you to conduct training sessions for larger groups of employees. There is no need for additional equipment such as remotes or receivers. Your employees will simply use their electronic device such as tablets, laptops or smartphones to login to the session and answer quiz questions. The Administrator will be able to create training sessions for groups of employees and use either our pre – loaded content or company specific materials. System allows for uploading power point presentation, documents and videos. 

Can The Company Upload Their Own Training Content Such As Videos Or Presentations?

Yes. The system allows for a number of training presentations or videos to be uploaded and used for job specific training. The number of additional uploads will depend on the license purchased by the company. In addition,  Administrator will be able to verify training effectiveness either by a quiz or direct observation.



Verification of training effectiveness can be done either through “built in” quiz or through “direct observation” of employee conducting the task. System allows for documenting both of these types of verification.

Can BD Food Safety Consultants Assist In Development Of Training Content?

Yes. Our firm utilizes authoring tool to develop professional training content that will meet your needs. The system we offer comes with pre-loaded modules that meet regulatory (FSMA & HACCP) and GFSI requirements for employee food hygiene training. Our training is generic enough to cover many types of food operations however we understand that your company may have unique conditions that must be reflected in employee training. Our firm offers services in training content development to assure your training covers specific elements of your operation.  

How Expensive Is The LMS? Can The LMS Save The Company Money?

Our Training System is priced to accommodate all types of businesses including small and medium size, and is sold as an annual license. Price for the license depends on the number of users and subscribers can regulate the number of users from month to month . For businesses with variable number of employees from month to month, we offer monthly payment plans. Our price structure offers percentage discounts for businesses that purchase their license for one annual fee. For more information and details regarding our prices please download “LMS Fact & Pricing Sheet” below or email training@bdfoodsafety.com

Our Training System will help your business to save money by:

  • Reducing number of hours and human resources you currently put into employee training
  • Significantly improving the effectiveness of the training and avoiding food safety issues
  • Protecting liability of your business for potential loses related to food safety and quality of your product

Try our system for free for the first 3 months with no obligation to purchase – unlike other places we won’t collect your payment information. To start, simply fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. 

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Who Could Benefit From Food Safety Training On Our LMS?

When it comes to employee food safety training, business owners have a responsibility to ensure all members of their workforce are knowledgeable about food safety practices. Therefore, any employee who works with food could benefit from our LMS and food safety training courses. These courses address basic food safety procedures and practices, so they work well for:

  • Hourly Associates in all departments 
  • Management employees
  • QA / QC team members
  • Team Leaders

Why Choose BD Food Safety Consultants LMS To Teach Food Safety?

BD Food Safety Consultants LLC is a highly recognized name in effective food safety employee training. We recognize that training solutions may be expensive and impractical for small and medium-sized businesses, so our goal is to provide all business owners with innovative employee training options at a reasonable price. Our training modules are interactive which engages participants in learning. This is a great way to capture learners attention and improve training effectiveness. Our system allows not only for individual training but also group sessions. For more information and to discuss options, please fill out the contact form below or email us at training@bdfoodsafety.com


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