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HACCP & FSMA (PC) Food Safety Plans

HACCP Food Safety Plan

There are two major Food Safety Regulations in the U.S. (HACCP – Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points & FSMA – Food Safety Modernization Act). HACCP requires that covered facilities develop a Food Safety Plan that is based on hazard analysis and identifies Critical Control Points with Critical Limits, Monitoring, Corrective Actions, Verification and Record Keeping Procedures. FSMA and Preventive Controls for Human Food requires that covered facilities develop a Food Safety Plan with risk based Preventive Controls. There are 4 types of Preventive Controls identified in this regulation. These are: Process Preventive Controls (CCPs), Allergens, Sanitation and Supply Chain Preventive Controls. In many situations the development of a Food Safety Plan may be not easy, especially in more complex operations.  BD Food Safety Consultants LLC and our experts can assist in that process. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience within variety of food sector categories.

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Comprehensive HACCP & FSMA Consulting

Our experienced Consultants can assist in the development of your HACCP and Risk Based Preventive Controls Food Safety Plans. We also offer consulting services on other parts of Food Safety Modernization Act such as Produce Safety Rule, FSVPForeign Supplier Verification Program and Mitigation Strategies for Protecting Food from Intentional Adulteration. We offer our services to our Clients nationwide as well as in our offices in Chicago area and Atlanta. Learn more about our regulatory compliance consulting services below.

Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Food Consulting

Our team of experts will help you develop food safety plan crafted specifically to your operation. We work with our clients to assure the documentation meets the requirements of 21 CFR 117 (for human food) and 21 CFR 507 (for animal food). 

All of us have operational experience from manufacturing facilities and extensive experience in developing and implementing food safety systems. 

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HACCP Consulting

Whether you are in meat / poultry, juice or seafood industries and must comply with regulations or simply in need of HACCP for your GFSI or 3rd party audit, we can help.  

Our team of experts will assist in development and implementation of HACCP Systems in compliance with USDA  HACCP (9 CFR 417) , FDA HACCP (21 CFR 120 & 123) and Codex Alimentarius Commission guidelines. 

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Foreign Supplier Verification Program Consulting

We assist food importers in preparing documentation and records to demonstrate compliance with FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) – 21 CFR parts 1, 11 & 111. 

Our team of experts will develop your written Program and conduct all necessary activities in compliance with regulation. We help our clients to maintain their Programs on ongoing basis. 

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Intentional Adulteration Consulting

Our team of experts will assist in development of risk based Food Defense Plans in compliance with 21 CFR 121. We offer complex services related to vulnerability assessment of your process, identification of Actionable Process Steps and designing mitigation strategies for the APS. 

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HACCP, PCQI & FSVP Certifications

Our Team of experienced Lead Instructors will help you to get certified to meet regulatory and 3rd party audit requirements. We offer classroom courses in our Training Centers in Chicago and Atlanta as well as Online Live Courses.

For more information on how our consulting services and certification courses can enhance your food manufacturing operation, please call BD Food Safety Consultants today at 815-641-6404. You may also reach out to one of our food safety professionals by simply filling out the easy-to-use form located on this page.