Supplier Audits are required in the process of approving your vendors. Some of the food safety regulations such as FSVP or Preventive Controls require on site audits as a verification activity of your suppliers. Whether you need supplier audit to approve the vendor, for verification purposes or simply to ensure your product is made in safe conditions, we are here to help. At BD Food Safety Consultants LLC we are a team of experts with over 45 years of combined experience in food safety management ad regulatory compliance. For supplier audits we use our audit criteria that was developed to include regulatory components and best industry practices. Contact us to day to schedule an audit. Meet our auditing team! 

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Bart Dobek

Bart Dobek – Lead Consultant

Lauren Daley

Lauren Daley – Senior Consultant 

Carmen Ciocan

Carmen Ciocan – Senior Consultant 

Supplier Food Safety Audits For Vendor Approval

Our team of experienced auditors has operational experience from manufacturing and processing industry. We have worked with variety of food sector categories including FDA and USDA inspected foods. For Supplier Audits our team utilizes BD’s Audit Checklist that was developed to address regulatory compliance such as GMPs, HACCP, Preventive Controls and Intentional Adulteration / Food Defense requirements and best industry practices including common Pre-requisite Programs. Supplier Audit comes with through assessment of their operation to ensure your food meets relevant food safety standards and comes with written audit report. Additionally, we can accommodate your specific requirements and include them in audit criteria.

Supplier Audit for FSVP Purposes

Supplier Audits conducted by BD Food Safety Consultants LLC meet the requirements for onsite audits under Foreign Supplier Verification Program as outlined in 21 CFR 1 subpart L. Our audit criteria addresses all elements required by FDA regulations under Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Food. Audit report provided to our clients contains all relevant elements and is sufficient to meet verification records requirements under FSVP. Contact us today to schedule an audit!

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