DOCEO LMS – E-Learning Options In Employee Training

Online training, meetings and events became the new normal. Even now when pandemic is in retreat online activities are widely accepted and are the alternative to “in person” meetings, events.

Food manufacturing companies are obligated to train their personnel in food safety and food hygiene. Food Safety regulations such as HACCP, Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Food and voluntary 3rd party certification audits require that employees handling food are properly trained.

For those in food safety role responsible for training, workforce education can be challenging. Reading an SOP or showing a plain power point presentation tends to be ineffective.

An ineffective food safety training for employees may have some sever consequences including product recalls, regulatory actions taken by FDA or USDA or liability for injuries / illnesses, and even loss of business.

Regulations (HACCP and PC) are rather vague if it comes to specifics for employee food safety training. GFSI certification audits have certain expectations and require that employees are trained on safe food handling, HACCP, allergen management, food defense and GFSI overview. On top of generic food safety training for all employees, companies conduct number of job specific trainings (i.e., machine operator training or shipping / receiving clerk training).

Training Programs may be very complex and therefore require adequate tools. Many companies invested in e-learning systems such as LMS (Learning Management Systems). LMS is an innovative solution in employee training that significantly increases the effectiveness of training and saves that company money. Many LMS systems are generic and come with no specific content.

DOCEO Learning Management System is different. DOCEO LMS comes with pre-loaded content available in English and Spanish. It contains 5 training modules that cover requirements for employee food safety training as required by HACCP / PC regulations and GFSI certification audits (SQF, BRC and others). Training modules included in DOCEO are HACCP, Allergen Management, Food Defense, GMPs and GFSI overview. DOCEO system also includes workplace safety training module which could be helpful in achieving OSHA compliance.

DOCEO system allows companies to add their own training content from videos to power point presentations and simple word documents. You can create your own quizzes to verify training effectiveness or simply conduct and document direct observation. System allows for individual training or group sessions with no need of purchasing expensive equipment such as remotes or receivers. DOCEO LMS is compatible with smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers.

System provides for convenient reporting that keeps your company audit ready. For limited time, BD offers DOCEO LMS for free for the first 30 days. To see if this system is right for you, please visit or contact [email protected]