FSVP Updates

Foreign Supplier Verification Program Regulation is part of Food Safety Modernization Act. The rule was published in November 2017 and covers importers of human and animal food products. Unlike other food safety regulations under FSMA FSVP regulation covers importers of dietary supplements and food substances including food contact packaging.

FSVP under 21 CFR 1,11 & 111 requires that these importers conduct hazard analysis of food product they bring in, approve their foreign suppliers, determine, conduct and document supplier verification activities and have written procedures for conducting these activities. All activities must be documented, and those documents make up their Foreign Supplier Verification Program. The goal is to assure that food imported from other countries meets the same level of food safety standards and provides the same level of public health protection as food made in the US.

In 2021 FDA conducted and plans to conduct nearly 2,000 of FSVP regulatory inspections, similar number of inspections is planned for 2022. From what FDA has learned so far it appears that over half of inspected importers did not develop their Foreign Supplier Verification Program. These importers were given 15 working days to come up with corrective action plan and will be re-inspected in the nearest future. Over 1,300 of FSVP inspections planned for 2022 are re-inspections of those that did not have their Program in place. With deficiencies found during re-inspection the companies may expect regulatory actions to be taken by FDA. These include warning letters are import refusals for food products without proper documentation.

Just recently FDA announced that it is changing the way FSVP records are submitted for review and released Record Submission Portal via their website. This is to streamline inspection and record submission process. At the same time FSPCA released FSVP awareness training module that may be offered as a standalone training or addition to other FSPCA courses. The goal is to expand FSVP awareness and assure industry has enough support to implement rule requirements.

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