All courses are available in online live format delivered via Zoom. 

BD Food Safety Consultants LLC provides a range of food safety training courses (HACCP, PCQI, FSVP, IAVA, Internal Auditor) in Chicago and Online for employers nationwide looking to get staff members certified in certain aspects or credentials. The facility near Chicago in suburban Naperville is easy to access for out-of-town course participants, whether they are traveling from Midway International Airport or O’Hare International Airport.

We work with client teams from beginning to end when they need help with specific food safety and training programs for their workplace. Not only do we offer preparations for GFSI audits, regulatory compliance consulting and the development of food safety plans, but our Chicago food safety certification courses are designed to meet whatever needs our clients may have.

We provide:

  • Food Safety, SQF and BRC Consulting Services: Let us assist you with our more than 40 years’ worth of food safety compliance experience.
  • HACCP Training: We provide a two-day workshop that provides basic HACCP development strategies and activities that teach through interactive methods.
  • PCQI Training: PCQI is the standard FSPCA curriculum the FDA recognizes to meet the standards of the PC rule under Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • FSVP FSPCA Training: FSPCA 1,5 Day curriculum recognized by FDA for food importers and foreign suppliers.
  • IAVA FSPCA Training: 1 Day training according to standardized curriculum recognized by FDA to conduct Intentional Adulteration Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Internal Auditor Training: This program meets the GFSI requirements for auditing management systems training.
  • Learning Management Systems: Let us help you integrate an FSMA- and GFSI-compliant online training program for your staff.

Each of our programs is designed to be directly in line with guidelines set forth by overseeing entities.


The Benefits of Food Safety Classes in Chicago at Our Location or Online 

Just minutes from I-88, our Chicago/Naperville office is conveniently located at 600 B W. 5th Ave., Naperville, IL 60563. Hotel Indigo, the Hilton Garden Inn and Spring Hill Suites offer suitable accommodations near our training facility. If you are traveling with a group for a program that takes a few days to complete, you can remain comfortable during your stay.

Other benefits of our location include the following:

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the facility
  • Free parking
  • Our training rooms offer sufficient working space
  • Each class has only 18 seats, so trainees receive sufficient attention

The Importance of Small Training Class Sizes

One aspect you will notice about our food safety training Chicago classrooms is they are more compact. As mentioned above, each class only has 18 seats for 18 students at a time, which helps ensure every student gets the chance to interact individually with the instructor, ask questions and receive prompt attention. Studies have shown that students and trainees reap the most from instruction in smaller classroom sizes.

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