Benefits of SQF / BRC Certification

Global Food Safety Initiative was created in the year of 2000 by Consumers Goods Forum. The main goal was to develop one guideline for food safety system that would be recognized globally. There are many benefits of being GFSI, SQF or BRC Certified. Read this blog to learn more.

GFSI concept requires that the food safety system is based on HACCP Plan that is supported by Pre-Requisite Programs, Internal Audits, Verification activities and employee training. The most popular GFSI certification schemes in the U.S. are SQF (Safe Quality Foods), BRC (British Retail Consortium) and FSSC 22,000.

Some of the aspects addressed under GFSI Food Safety System are; allergen controls, sanitation practices, supplier controls, and controls for manufacturing processes. All GFSI audit codes require that the companies meet regulatory requirements of the country of manufacture and destination.

For U.S. food companies this means that they must not only comply with CODEX HACCP requirements, but also in many cases they are required to follow FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) including Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule.

Implementing GFSI food safety system and complying with HACCP or Preventive Controls Rule means providing adequate employee training. To achieve this goal, employee training must be effective, and a lot of businesses utilize online tools such as LMS (Learning Management Systems) to increase training effectiveness.

All these requirements make SQF and BRC Certification Audits unique from other audits available on the market. GFSI certification is a proof that the company has implemented globally recognized, robust food safety system and produces safe, quality food. The main benefit of being GFSI certified is to protect consumers by assuring food safety.

Except assuring food safety there are other benefits of being SQF or BRC certified. More often businesses that do not have a GFSI Certification are unable to compete for new business and grow. GFSI certification has become a must if you want to supply top US retailer. Walmart was the first that required all their vendors to become GFSI certified. Soon this requirement was adopted by others like Aldi, Target or Trader Joes.

Most of our Clients we assist with preparations to SQF or BRC certification audits were asked by their customers to become certified. GFSI certificate became a powerful marketing tool that opens doors to more business and expansion. If any business owner thinks about growing their company, GFSI certification is a must.

Development and implementation of GFSI based food safety system requires a lot of effort, knowledge, and training. Some businesses, especially smaller and medium size, may not have the resources to do that. BD Food Safety Consultants LLC specializes in providing professional food safety consulting and training services. We are the experts with over four decades of combined experience in preparing businesses for GFSI certification audits. Our LMS with pre-loaded food safety training content is a great tool in assuring your food safety system is properly implemented and followed. We also offer variety of training courses including PCQI, HACCP and Internal Auditor.

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