Food Safety Modernization Act

Final rule for Food Safety Modernization Act was released on September 15 2016.
21 CFR 117 (Subpart C) of the final rule requires that businesses that hold, process, manufacture of pack food conduct written hazard analysis of their process and ingredients to determine whether identified potential hazards are significant enough to be controlled through preventive controls.
Preventive Controls for Human Food under 21CFR 117 define four different types of preventive controls (Process Preventive Controls, Sanitation Preventive Controls, Allergen Preventive Controls and Supply Chain Preventive Controls).
According to regulations each food company must have Preventive Controls Qualified Individual that is overall responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the food safety system. Other responsibilities as verification / validation and record review are also outlined in 21CFR 117.180.
Good Manufacturing Practices and other Pre-requisite Programs are vital component within Food Safety Systems. GMPs and PRPs serve as decision making tool and are to support the Food Safety Plan.
Food Safety Modernization act requires that businesses that identified at least one type of Preventive Controls as listed above document and implement Recall Plan.
Recall Plan’s role is not to control and mitigate hazards – it minimizes the impact on public when improperly controlled hazards resulted in illness outbreak. Effective Recall Plans help companies to remove their adulterated product from market in timely manner.
Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance developed standardized curriculum (Preventive Controls for Human Food). This is the only curriculum that is recognized by FDA as adequate to meet requirements of Food Safety Modernization Act and 21CFR 117.
This training course is often called Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Training as participants after successful completion of that class become Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals as described in regulation.
BD Food Safety Consultants is registered with FSPCA to conduct these 20 hours training classes. For more details please visit our website