GFSI Consulting

Food Safety is a critical component of the future of the food industries. Although governments play important role in ensuring SQF Consulting
wholesomeness of foods, ultimate responsibility for implementing adequate controls remains with the food industry. Having
properly designed and validated HACCP Plan is not only regulated by the government but is also a must for those who want to conduct the business.

Educated customers constantly demand higher standards when it comes to food safety and quality. In order to meet these requirements, many businesses adopted the initiative called Safe Quality Food (SQF) or British Retail Consortium (BRC). Properly designed and documented food safety and quality management systems allow manufacturers to obtain SQF or BRC certificates. Being SQF or BRC certified lets your customers rely on products you produce!

BD Food Safety Consultants will assure that your business has well designed, fully functioning food safety and quality systems. We offer comprehensive assistance in getting your company ready for your initial or re-certification SQF or BRC audit. If needed, we consult our clients during the actual GFSI audits.

Contact BD Food Safety Consultants today and get ready for your GFSI certification!